One comment on “The Bleeding Door

  1. Hello,
    I did appreciate the honest evaluation of my book, The Bleeding Door– both the positive and the critical. I take it all as valid. I do agree the blurb isn’t the best– there is a connection between the incidents at the Bethel School and the Enoch Slone/Seth Waller story, though that connection is not actually the focal point of the story. I admit the blurb was written in a bit of haste.

    True also, Enoch’s downward spiral may have seemed too steep, too quickly. That is probably due to the original manuscript (which was ALL the Enoch/Seth story) was 394 pages and included much more of what was going on inside Enoch’s mind. I did “scrunch” the mountain story to make room for the Bethel School story. I guess because I had such a personal connection to the Bethel School history, that I very much wanted to tack it into the novel as an opening. Granted, not all readers were fan of that part of the novel.

    Lastly, I’ll just comment on why Seth and Enoch seemed to become mortal enemies so rapidly. There were a few incidents where Seth heard how Enoch and his father were bad-mouthing Confederates as well as boasting of the deaths of Waller friends. But when Enoch fired on Seth’s brother, that, in mountain clan culture, is pretty much an unforgivable act and you tend to be enemies at that point.

    Again, I appreciate your taking the time to post a thoughtful review.

    Todd Cook

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